Metallic Makeup is Back, for Your Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

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No, it is not a complete repeat of the 80’s. Yet, metallic makeup has made another comeback and some say they are better than ever.
Today’s look is a littler sheerer and blends a lot better than the old look. It isn’t as flashy, either. This makeup is being worn on the eye lids, cheeks and lips. You can also now wear them with an array of colors and you can wear them in a subtle way. You can check out my favorite brand here.

Of course, if you are going to wear these shades in the day time, you need to apply them lightly, going for the barely there look. In the evening, you can add them on a little thicker and have more fun with them.

If you have a fair complexion you should stick with the frosty, ice colors. Silver works best, too. If your skin is a warmer tone, you should go for tones such as bronze and other earth warm colors.

Which products work best? If you are going out on a night on the town, you may want to stick with pencils and powders instead of cream based products. They seem to last longer. You don’t want to spend all evening reapplying your makeup, do you?

You also should not put on layer and layer of metallic makeup or you will look more like a tin robot than a sexy woman. Apply one layer. When applying color to your eyes, try brushing your brush toward the brow. This will cause the color to slowly fade, giving you a more natural put together look.

If you hate wearing complete shadow over your entire eyelid, you can just apply the shadow in a line along your upper lash line and right underneath your lower lash. Make sure the line is straight and that you don’t smudge it. The colors will draw attention to your eyes and make your eyes appear reflective. Yes, you should apply any eye liner first and you can still apply your mascara if you wish.

metallic makeup eyes

If you have wrinkles around your eyes, metallic eye shadows can call attention to them. But if you still want that pretty shimmery look try applying a dot of the eye shadow in the center of your lid. You will still get that reflection look, without calling attention to your lines.

You shouldn’t wear foundation if you plan to use a metallic product on that part of your skin. For instance, if you are going to wear a metallic blush you should forgo the foundation. If you think you need some kind of extra coverage use a little bit of concealer. If you just have to use the foundation, use it sparingly and then blot your face before adding the metallic product.

Be careful, when applying metallic blush that you don’t go overboard with it. Just add a dash of it over your cheek bone area.

As for your lips, try using sheer and lighter metallic shades. At night, you can reach for the darker shades such as gold.

What else should you remember when wearing metallic makeup, not to go overboard with your accessories. If your makeup is shiny, you don’t need as much jewelry or embellishments in your outfit. Allow your makeup to the talking.

Is there a right and wrong age for wearing such strong colors as metallic? That is up to the individual. Just remember, just because it is a trend, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. But if you do want to try it, remember you don’t have to go overboard.

You can even wear a little bit of metallic on your fingernails. Nail polish sometimes is a safer alternative when it come to trends.

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