How To Recreate Kim Kardashian’s Usual Look

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Ever wanted to look like Kim Kardashian or at the very least, share a bit of her red carpet style? Replicating her makeup in real life is just as easy as tuning in to her E! reality show. Check her out below.

For this star, it’s all about picking and choosing where to use neutral shades.
First, you must moisturize your face. Without a base, everything simply comes off. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, applying it with a brush smoothly. Apply concealer in necessary places, such as under your eyes or any blemishes. Sweep a peach or desert tone blush diagonally down your cheeks. Make sure to properly fill in your eyebrows with a flattering shape.

Begin with a metallic, medium shade gray eyeshadow placed directly on your lids. On the very outer creases of your eyelids, add a touch of violet gray, darker shadow. Using a very pale silver eyeshadow, lightly dust the upper portion of your eyes to your eyebrows. Blend in with a brush. Using a dark gray pencil eyeliner, line all the way around your eyes in a line about 1/4-inch thick, smudging the lower lash line area.

Measure a strip of false eyelashes against your eye. You may need to trim off a bit if they are too long, or if you prefer a less elaborate eye look, trim them so only the other halves of your eyes will be fitted with false lashes. Carefully pour glue onto the edge of lashes. Using a mirror to check your work, close your eye, placing lashes directly at the base of your natural lashline. Gently press in, waiting a few seconds to open your eye. Repeat on the second eye.

At the last minute, carefully line your lips with a nude pencil just outside the lip line – not far enough to make your lips look odd and not exactly too close, or your lips may appear too thin. Apply a light pink to nude lip gloss. Depending on your complexion and natural starting lip tone, you may be unable to use a pale gloss. Also, remember flash photography likely lightened Kardashian’s original gloss seen in her photos. For better results, particularly if you know you will be photographed, go with a slightly darker shade.

Get working!

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