Eye Makeup Trends Worth Wearing

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Every year beauty trends blast out of the wood-works in a ball of fire and light the skies to create trends such as DIY nails, colored hair clips, purple everything and red lips. Over the years there were some makeup trends that should have been left alone but designers pushed it to the limits anyhow. Let’s face it, it didn’t matter how well a designer or magazine presented some trends the impact was only the length of a fashion runway. Do you remember any of those? I do.
Glossy lids did well on the magazine pages but in real life the look is harder to attain and to keep for that matter. Think large, black smudges when paired with your favorite black eyeliner or mascara. What about purple lips or the red eye shadow worn on Alexander Wang’s runway? Don’t get me wrong, these colors can create the ultimate palette but if you don’t know how to apply or what to pair it with expect disastrous results. On the other hand, there are other eye makeup trends to die for or at least obsess over. So you may not obsess but I certainly do. I fell in love with some of the eye makeup trends over the years and refuse to stop wearing them.

Ultra Pigmented Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes have endured while other eye makeup trends have been pushed to the wayside but the excitement really came into play after the introduction of highly pigmented eye shadow. These eye shadows were shimmery and created vibrant looks from the most basic colors. It also allowed for sultry versions of smokey eyelids that were rich and full of depth. Bland browns were replaced with ultra shimmery bronze and deep black was played up with none other than shimmery purple and even cobalt blue.

Pale Eyeliner

It’s a known beauty trick to use white or beige eye liner to “freshen up” your look when feeling a bit tired or sluggish and this year was my year to try it. Guess what? I love the way it makes my eyes pop! Beige is better suited for my skin tone and it works wonders to make my tired eyes look revived and bright. Although this style was presented with white liner right on the lash line there’s another way to create the same effect. Use a bold eyeshadow stick in a shimmery beige and line the upper and lower lash line and don’t forget to finish it off with waterproof mascara. Pair this up with bronzer and nude lips and “oh boy” do you have a glowing look on your hands.

Silver, Pewter, Gold and Bronze

Beyonce broke the mold with her silver covered eyes but the moment Donna Karan presented her fall line years ago at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show with models in silver, bronze on bronze, golds and beige I bought every one of those eye shadow and eyeliner shades. Although bronze was already in high gear the addition of the other shades offered makeup lovers a multitude of styles to play with. Night looks, day looks or any look worked well with this runway makeup trend.

Eye Makeup Remover

On top of the trends of eye makeup itself, there is a trend of how to get your makeup off. That being oil based eye makeup remover. I’ve tried many things over the years but I really do like this new natural oil makeup remover trend. Not only does it take everything off really well, but it also moisturizes and does really nice things around my eyes. Primitive Outpost have a great one called Clean Slate and I’m really liking both the results and the fact that it’s all natural ingredients.


As most you know, Christmas is coming up fast so here is a little Christmas makeup viewing to wet your appetite.

Keep checking back with us because they’ll always be updates and new styles. That’s why I love all this so much!

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    1. Definitely. Having excellent eye makeup appearance is very high on my list too. I always end up going back to metallics. I just cant help myself.

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