Everyday Minerals: Why It’s Better Than Bare Escentuals and Why It’s My Favorite Makeup Line!

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As a confessed makeup addict I have tried essentially every major brand of makeup. Recently, though, I have become tiresome of the heaviness of typical makeup. You know, the feel you have mid day when suddenly your face has aged 20 years. I go from looking flawless in the morning to frightening by the end of the day. This yucky feeling led me to mineral makeup, which has been a breath of fresh air. Yes, mineral makeup is a trend but I really think it’s here to stay this time around.
I began, like most, with the ever-popular Bare Escentuals. We have all seen the commercials and reveled at how gorgeous this miracle makeup could make you, while being so pure that you can sleep in it. So I watched the infomercial, yes I admit it, and immediately determined that BE was to become my new makeup line. I quickly went to my local Sephora and bought the foundation, mineral veil, and all over face color. At first try I was completely sold. The lightness of BE was fantastic, but there were many drawbacks. The formula really dried my skin and there was really not a great match for my fair complexion. These problems coupled with the $25 price tag were a bit much so I switched back to my liquid favorite, Benefit.

Recently, the urge for the purity of mineral makeup has once again steered my interest so I went on a search. I researched every brand known to womankind and finally decided to try Everyday Minerals. The site is adorable and super easy to navigate. Also, upon further inspection I realized that they offer a free sample kit! I mean makeup for free (well plus shipping) – who could argue! So I ordered the kit. Honestly I was expecting a mediocre product. The prices were so unbelievably low that how could a line survive and actually make a decent product. Well boy was I wrong! This is by far the best makeup line that I have ever tried. The foundations are smooth and cover flawlessly. The concealer is excellent (and I am a raccoon). The blushes are adorable and the finishing powders are a dream! The true magic in this line, however, is actually not their products, but their service. How often have you purchased a $30 bottle of foundation just to get home and notice that it matches okay? You are then forced to either return the product or deal with the obvious mismatch. This problem is alleviated with Everyday Minerals. The sample kit includes 3 foundations, 1 concealer, and 1 blush/powder. This setup allows you to test the foundations free until you find the correct match! It is truly brilliant.

Now let me discuss the product a bit more. Whereas BE offers only one formula for their foundation, EM offers 4! These include: matte, semi-matte, original glo, and intensive. Each formula offers its own advantages. Matte is ideal for those with extremely oily skin. Semi-matte is nice for combination skinners that prefer a matte look. Original glo is moisturizing formula making it perfect for dry skin tones. Finally intensive is the highest coverage formula. As you can see, Everyday Minerals has created an extremely appealing line. They offer great customer service, a large variety of formulas and shades, and all at a fraction of the price for BE! Give Everyday Minerals a shot – you will not regret it!

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  1. Great article Michele. I totally agree with you. Mineral makeup is the way to go and EM make great stuff.

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