Everyday Minerals: Why It’s Better Than Bare Escentuals and Why It’s My Favorite Makeup Line!

everyday minerals

As a confessed makeup addict I have tried essentially every major brand of makeup. Recently, though, I have become tiresome of the heaviness of typical makeup. You know, the feel you have mid day when suddenly your face has aged 20 years. I go from looking flawless in the morning to frightening by the end of the day. This yucky feeling led me to mineral makeup, which has been a breath of fresh air. Yes, mineral makeup is a trend but I really think it’s here to stay this time around.
I began, like most, with the ever-popular Bare Escentuals. We have all seen the commercials and reveled at how gorgeous this miracle makeup could make you, while being so pure that you can sleep in it. So I watched the infomercial, yes I admit it, and immediately determined that BE was to become my new makeup line. I quickly went to my local Sephora and bought the foundation, mineral veil, and all over face color. At first try I was completely sold. The lightness of BE was fantastic, but there were many drawbacks. The formula really dried my skin and there was really not a great match for my fair complexion. These problems coupled with the $25 price tag were a bit much so I switched back to my liquid favorite, Benefit.

Recently, the urge for the purity of mineral makeup has once again steered my interest so I went on a search. I researched every brand known to womankind and finally decided to try Everyday Minerals. The site is adorable and super easy to navigate. Also, upon further inspection I realized that they offer a free sample kit! I mean makeup for free (well plus shipping) – who could argue! So I ordered the kit. Honestly I was expecting a mediocre product. The prices were so unbelievably low that how could a line survive and actually make a decent product. Well boy was I wrong! This is by far the best makeup line that I have ever tried. The foundations are smooth and cover flawlessly. The concealer is excellent (and I am a raccoon). The blushes are adorable and the finishing powders are a dream! The true magic in this line, however, is actually not their products, but their service. How often have you purchased a $30 bottle of foundation just to get home and notice that it matches okay? You are then forced to either return the product or deal with the obvious mismatch. This problem is alleviated with Everyday Minerals. The sample kit includes 3 foundations, 1 concealer, and 1 blush/powder. This setup allows you to test the foundations free until you find the correct match! It is truly brilliant.

Now let me discuss the product a bit more. Whereas BE offers only one formula for their foundation, EM offers 4! These include: matte, semi-matte, original glo, and intensive. Each formula offers its own advantages. Matte is ideal for those with extremely oily skin. Semi-matte is nice for combination skinners that prefer a matte look. Original glo is moisturizing formula making it perfect for dry skin tones. Finally intensive is the highest coverage formula. As you can see, Everyday Minerals has created an extremely appealing line. They offer great customer service, a large variety of formulas and shades, and all at a fraction of the price for BE! Give Everyday Minerals a shot – you will not regret it!

Eye Makeup Trends Worth Wearing

Eye makeup

Every year beauty trends blast out of the wood-works in a ball of fire and light the skies to create trends such as DIY nails, colored hair clips, purple everything and red lips. Over the years there were some makeup trends that should have been left alone but designers pushed it to the limits anyhow. Let’s face it, it didn’t matter how well a designer or magazine presented some trends the impact was only the length of a fashion runway. Do you remember any of those? I do.
Glossy lids did well on the magazine pages but in real life the look is harder to attain and to keep for that matter. Think large, black smudges when paired with your favorite black eyeliner or mascara. What about purple lips or the red eye shadow worn on Alexander Wang’s runway? Don’t get me wrong, these colors can create the ultimate palette but if you don’t know how to apply or what to pair it with expect disastrous results. On the other hand, there are other eye makeup trends to die for or at least obsess over. So you may not obsess but I certainly do. I fell in love with some of the eye makeup trends over the years and refuse to stop wearing them.

Ultra Pigmented Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes have endured while other eye makeup trends have been pushed to the wayside but the excitement really came into play after the introduction of highly pigmented eye shadow. These eye shadows were shimmery and created vibrant looks from the most basic colors. It also allowed for sultry versions of smokey eyelids that were rich and full of depth. Bland browns were replaced with ultra shimmery bronze and deep black was played up with none other than shimmery purple and even cobalt blue.

Pale Eyeliner

It’s a known beauty trick to use white or beige eye liner to “freshen up” your look when feeling a bit tired or sluggish and this year was my year to try it. Guess what? I love the way it makes my eyes pop! Beige is better suited for my skin tone and it works wonders to make my tired eyes look revived and bright. Although this style was presented with white liner right on the lash line there’s another way to create the same effect. Use a bold eyeshadow stick in a shimmery beige and line the upper and lower lash line and don’t forget to finish it off with waterproof mascara. Pair this up with bronzer and nude lips and “oh boy” do you have a glowing look on your hands.

Silver, Pewter, Gold and Bronze

Beyonce broke the mold with her silver covered eyes but the moment Donna Karan presented her fall line years ago at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show with models in silver, bronze on bronze, golds and beige I bought every one of those eye shadow and eyeliner shades. Although bronze was already in high gear the addition of the other shades offered makeup lovers a multitude of styles to play with. Night looks, day looks or any look worked well with this runway makeup trend.

Eye Makeup Remover

On top of the trends of eye makeup itself, there is a trend of how to get your makeup off. That being oil based eye makeup remover. I’ve tried many things over the years but I really do like this new natural oil makeup remover trend. Not only does it take everything off really well, but it also moisturizes and does really nice things around my eyes. Primitive Outpost have a great one called Clean Slate and I’m really liking both the results and the fact that it’s all natural ingredients.


As most you know, Christmas is coming up fast so here is a little Christmas makeup viewing to wet your appetite.

Keep checking back with us because they’ll always be updates and new styles. That’s why I love all this so much!

Metallic Makeup is Back, for Your Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

Metallic Makeup looks

No, it is not a complete repeat of the 80’s. Yet, metallic makeup has made another comeback and some say they are better than ever.
Today’s look is a littler sheerer and blends a lot better than the old look. It isn’t as flashy, either. This makeup is being worn on the eye lids, cheeks and lips. You can also now wear them with an array of colors and you can wear them in a subtle way. You can check out my favorite brand here.

Of course, if you are going to wear these shades in the day time, you need to apply them lightly, going for the barely there look. In the evening, you can add them on a little thicker and have more fun with them.

If you have a fair complexion you should stick with the frosty, ice colors. Silver works best, too. If your skin is a warmer tone, you should go for tones such as bronze and other earth warm colors.

Which products work best? If you are going out on a night on the town, you may want to stick with pencils and powders instead of cream based products. They seem to last longer. You don’t want to spend all evening reapplying your makeup, do you?

You also should not put on layer and layer of metallic makeup or you will look more like a tin robot than a sexy woman. Apply one layer. When applying color to your eyes, try brushing your brush toward the brow. This will cause the color to slowly fade, giving you a more natural put together look.

If you hate wearing complete shadow over your entire eyelid, you can just apply the shadow in a line along your upper lash line and right underneath your lower lash. Make sure the line is straight and that you don’t smudge it. The colors will draw attention to your eyes and make your eyes appear reflective. Yes, you should apply any eye liner first and you can still apply your mascara if you wish.

metallic makeup eyes

If you have wrinkles around your eyes, metallic eye shadows can call attention to them. But if you still want that pretty shimmery look try applying a dot of the eye shadow in the center of your lid. You will still get that reflection look, without calling attention to your lines.

You shouldn’t wear foundation if you plan to use a metallic product on that part of your skin. For instance, if you are going to wear a metallic blush you should forgo the foundation. If you think you need some kind of extra coverage use a little bit of concealer. If you just have to use the foundation, use it sparingly and then blot your face before adding the metallic product.

Be careful, when applying metallic blush that you don’t go overboard with it. Just add a dash of it over your cheek bone area.

As for your lips, try using sheer and lighter metallic shades. At night, you can reach for the darker shades such as gold.

What else should you remember when wearing metallic makeup, not to go overboard with your accessories. If your makeup is shiny, you don’t need as much jewelry or embellishments in your outfit. Allow your makeup to the talking.

Is there a right and wrong age for wearing such strong colors as metallic? That is up to the individual. Just remember, just because it is a trend, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. But if you do want to try it, remember you don’t have to go overboard.

You can even wear a little bit of metallic on your fingernails. Nail polish sometimes is a safer alternative when it come to trends.

How To Recreate Kim Kardashian’s Usual Look

Kim kardashian pic

Ever wanted to look like Kim Kardashian or at the very least, share a bit of her red carpet style? Replicating her makeup in real life is just as easy as tuning in to her E! reality show. Check her out below.

For this star, it’s all about picking and choosing where to use neutral shades.
First, you must moisturize your face. Without a base, everything simply comes off. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, applying it with a brush smoothly. Apply concealer in necessary places, such as under your eyes or any blemishes. Sweep a peach or desert tone blush diagonally down your cheeks. Make sure to properly fill in your eyebrows with a flattering shape.

Begin with a metallic, medium shade gray eyeshadow placed directly on your lids. On the very outer creases of your eyelids, add a touch of violet gray, darker shadow. Using a very pale silver eyeshadow, lightly dust the upper portion of your eyes to your eyebrows. Blend in with a brush. Using a dark gray pencil eyeliner, line all the way around your eyes in a line about 1/4-inch thick, smudging the lower lash line area.

Measure a strip of false eyelashes against your eye. You may need to trim off a bit if they are too long, or if you prefer a less elaborate eye look, trim them so only the other halves of your eyes will be fitted with false lashes. Carefully pour glue onto the edge of lashes. Using a mirror to check your work, close your eye, placing lashes directly at the base of your natural lashline. Gently press in, waiting a few seconds to open your eye. Repeat on the second eye.

At the last minute, carefully line your lips with a nude pencil just outside the lip line – not far enough to make your lips look odd and not exactly too close, or your lips may appear too thin. Apply a light pink to nude lip gloss. Depending on your complexion and natural starting lip tone, you may be unable to use a pale gloss. Also, remember flash photography likely lightened Kardashian’s original gloss seen in her photos. For better results, particularly if you know you will be photographed, go with a slightly darker shade.

Get working!